Introducing a better, easier and faster way to support gas pipe, electrical conduit and other pipes on flat roofs. This unique, patented design enables you to support any type of pipe (up to 200 lbs. per stand) with a strap that quickly adjusts to varying height differences allowing level pipes on uneven roofs. With 20 stands per box, the two-piece knock-down design allows you to save storage space. You can carry a box (20 stands) easily up on a roof and use as many as you need. A stand assembles in less than a minute, saving you time on the job. The stands come in two sizes: 16 inches and 22 inches. Reroofing becomes a breeze when these stands are used.

AdjustAStand amazingly simple design allows complete assembly in under one minute; and there are no tools required!

Heavy-Duty pipe stand

PS-16HD ss (Single Sided)

Showcased at the 2010 NECA Convention

Heavy-Duty pipe stand


pipe stand installation
AdjustAStand pictured.

Just fold the upright support and snap the feet into the base plate, adjust the retaining strap to the desired height and pipe diameter and you're ready to go!